[#383] Gotta Get Better

After two months in Coronavirus lockdown, McG and Bensel conclude they have very little to talk about except music. Bensel shares some of his Bandcamp discoveries including Kiwi Jr. and CATHEDRALE, while McG shares optimistic songs from Buzzcocks and Paul McCartney. Episode also features music by Shelf Life, Teenage Bed, King Buzzo, Dead Cross, Psychic Lemon, Mint Mike and Low.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak
Kiwi Jr. – Murder in the Cathedral
Buzzcocks – Gotta Get Better
Paul McCartney – Great Day
Shelf Life, Teenage Bed – Old Philly
King Buzzo – I’m Glad I Could Help Out
Dead Cross – Skin of a Redneck
Psychic Lemon – Jam 3
Mint Mile – Tobacco Coffee Wintergreen
Low – Always Trying to Work it Out

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