[#384] Backdoor Man

McG’s Backroom visits Bensel’s Backdoor. Your DJs deliver a Public Health Advisory, as Bensel recounts the endearing, family-friendly story of his colonoscopy. McG lends a sympathetic ear and a packet of baby wipes. Providing the soundtrack for the journey down into the darkest depths are the Butthole Surfers, Unsane, Surfbort, and many more medical professionals.


McG and Eric Bensel
Unsane – Backslide
Tad – Grease Box
Cows – Down Below
Butthole Surfers – Ulcer Breakout
The Meatmen – Tooling For Anus
The Pixies – Brick Is Red
Roy Ayers – Funk in the Hole
fIREHOSE – Quicksand
Sonic Youth – My Friend Goo
Surfbort – Wave
The Who – Doctor, Doctor
Mystikal feat. Pharrell – Shake Ya Ass

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