McG’s Backroom streams exclusively on Mixcloud, the world’s leading platform for radio and DJs. You can listen to Mixcloud through your desktop, laptop or on-the-go through free mobile apps.

Listening on a mobile device

Simply download the free Mixcloud mobile app for your device and make sure you follow McG’s Backroom via Mixcloud. Once you follow us, you’ll receive notifications when new shows are available.

Listening on a computer

  • Visit any show page on and click play on the embedded music player to stream that show, or;
  • Go to our Mixcloud homepage and stream shows from there

Support artists and labels

Mixcloud is a licensed Internet radio service with agreements with various Collecting Societies around the world (who in turn pay royalties to labels and artists based on their individual recording and publishing deals).

If you hear music that you like, please consider purchasing the music via digital, LP or CD. You’ll be supporting artists, record labels and those who make music for us to enjoy.

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