[#382] Bensel’s Middle Room

In this previously unreleased episode, McG experiences a vivid dream in which he is a sidekick to Eric Bensel, who is host of his own program, Bensel’s Middle Room. Bensel and McG review a number of stories of how people are coping with coronavirus during the outbreak. Includes musical interludes from Sex Swing, Surfbort, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, and a questionable remake of “We Are the Champions” by classic rock legends Queen.


Eric Bensel and McG – Your Presenters Speak
MSS FRNCE – Tocard Raciste Urophile Mais Président
Sex Swing – Skimmington Ride
L’éclair – Dallas
METZ – Acid
Surfbort – Macho Dildo
La Jungle – L’enfer
Dead Ghosts – Freak
Viagra Boys – Common Sense
Camino Sound – Schadenfreude
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Fosas Limitadas
Queen – You Are the Champions
The Damned – Black Is The Night

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