[#310] Consume as much music as possible


“I’ve meant to play the song “Trump Palace Uber Alles” by Feral Ponies for you and I am finally and am doing so. 100% of all sales of this song will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Find the song on Bandcamp.

Music is so important to me, and I don’t know what I’d do without it. That is one of the reasons I do McG’s Backroom: So I can share some of the things that I’ve been listening to and perhaps turn you on to something you may not have heard.

There is so much music to be heard and not enough time to hear it all. But I am doing my best to consume as much as possible. It keeps me going.” – McG

Feral Ponies – Trump Palace Uber Alles
Naked Raygun – Treason
Bastro – (I’ve) Ben Brown
Trentemoller (featuring Jehnny Beth of Savages) – Complicated
Gnoomes – B-Day
Lazy Salon – Remirror
Thee Speaking Canaries – Aqua Snoot (unvoxed)
Polvo – Beggar’s Bowl
Rapeman – Song Number One
Kate Tempest – Lionmouth Door Knocker
Tamikrest – Tanakara
Ash Koosha – Feather
The Feelies – Gone Gone Gone
The Oscillation – Monographic
Exploded View – Gimme Something
Laetita Sadier Source Ensemble – Undying Love For Humanity
The Electric Chairs – So Many Ways
David Bowie – Killing a Little Time
John Coltrane Quartet – Living Space
Sonic Youth – Little Trouble Girl (Instrumental)
A Tribe Called Quest – Solid Wall of Sound
Thee Oh Sees – Nervous Tech (Nah John)
New Order – The Perfect Kiss (12” version)
Brian Eno – Glitch

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