[#309] Record Store Day 2017 with Todd of Rainbow Records


McG’s Backroom takes an in-depth look at Record Store Day 2017 and what the event means to independent records stores.

Joining McG in the Backroom is Todd Brewer from Rainbow Records, the current owner of a record store that has been open for nearly 30 years on Main Street in Newark, Delaware.

Todd and McG discuss the importance of independent record stores and the importance of creating a comfortable record store shopping experience. From there, McG and Todd assess the Record Store Day 2017 list from the heavy hitters to the obscure gems.

Lastly, Todd fires up a crazy RSD-inspired mix of R&B, jazz, weird electronic music and peculiar obscurities. And oh yeah, we review the Dogfish Head Beer to Drink Music to 2017 edition.

Record Store Day 2017 is April 22, 2017. Go shop local and support your independent record store!

Introduction to Record Store Day 2017
Review of Dogfish Head’s Beer to Drink Music to 2017
Rainbow Records interview with Todd Brewer
Overview of Record Store Day 10th Anniversary
Dissection and assessment of Record Store Day 2017
Rainbow Records Record Store Day 2017 Mix featuring:
The Deep – Shadows on the Wall
Ca Quintet – Trip Thru Hell, Part One
Heliocentrics – Descarga Electronica
The Budos Band – T.I.B.W.F.
William Onyeabor – Why Go to War
Sun Ra – 1984
Betty Davis – He Was a Big Freak
Syl Johnson – Annie Got Hot Pants Power
Eno/Hyde – Slow Down, Sit Down And Breathe
Damaged Bug – Grape Basement
17Little Trouble Girl (Instrumental)by Sonic Youth

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