[#311] The current wave of French underground music in 2017


McG and Eric Bensel explore, discuss and listen to independent and underground music coming out of France. Includes songs by Noyades, Totorro, Pneu and Papier Tigre to name a few.

Pneu – Pyramide Banane Chocolat
Electric Electric – Hydraviolet
Papier Tigre – The Other Me
Marvin – Giorgio Morricone
Totorro – Gérard Blast
La Houle – The Seer
Joujou Jaguar – Cthulhu Prayer
Glowsun – Arrow of Time
Noyades – Bear Rider
Domadora – Hypnosis
Chevreuil – Satan
Room 204 – L’heure d’été
Papaye – La Moto
Sheik Anorak – Speaking Voice
F.U.T.U.R.O.S.C.O.P.E – La jetée
Le Villejuif Underground – Le Villejuif Underground
Deux Boules Vanille – Tous Les Fruits
Fat 32 – Ziiion Ponk
Dodecaflegmatron – The 10,000 Tentacles Lady
Fordamage – Sleeping on a Flag

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