As another COVID-heavy year draws to a close, McG’s Backroom reflects on the music that has helped all of us get through this challenging time. Below are our picks for our favorite musical releases of 2021. Please support your own favorite musicians in any way you can — by buying their music, picking up their merch, and going to see them perform live.

McG’s Favorites of 2021

  1. Bush Tetras – Rhythm and Paranoia: The Best of Bush Tetras (Wharf Cat)
  2. Low – Hey What (Sub Pop)
  3. Grace Vonderkuhn – Pleasure Pain (Sheer Luck)
  4. Jane Weaver – Flock (Fire)
  5. La Jungle – Fall Off the Apex (Black Basset & Rockerill)
  6. Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime (Matador)
  7. No Metal in This Battle – shimokita/zeitzonen (Don’t Trust a Bear)
  8. Dinosaur Jr – Sweep It Into Space (Jagjaguwar)
  9. Mogwai – As the Love Continues (Temporary Residence)
  10. Cloud Nothings – The Shadow I Remember (Carpark)

Bensel’s Favorites of 2021

  1. La Jungle – Fall Off The Apex (Black Basset / Rockerill)
  2. L’Effondras – Anabasis (Medication Times)
  3. Grace Vonderkuhn – Pleasure Pain (Sheer Luck)
  4. The Oscillation – Untold Futures (All Time Low)
  5. Part Chimp – Drool (Wrong Speed / Learning Curve)
  6. Psychic Lemon – Studio Jams Volume 3 (Lemon)
  7. Earthless – Live In The Mojave Desert (Nuclear Blast)
  8. Beach House – Once Twice Melody (Bella Union)
  9. Dinosaur Jr – Sweep It Into Space (Jagjaguwar)
  10. The Holydrug Couple – Soundtrack For Evil Doll (Locus Amoenus)

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