[#427] Welcome to the Rockdown

Soundtracking your post-apocalyptic Covid hellscape, the DJs in McG’s Backroom offer some palliative tunes … for the Rockdown! Along with tracks from White Manna, Grace Vonderkuhn, and others, a few family-friendly tales of corpse abuse and camel Botox help brighten your mood in the age of pandemic-imposed restrictions.

Track listing:

McG and Eric Bensel – Your DJs Speak 0:00
White Manna – His Head a Crown 3:05
Grace Vonderkuhn – To the Top 6:45
Bush Tetras – True Blue 10:36
10 000 Russos – A House Full of Garbage 17:24
Plosivs – Hit the Breaks 22:14
El Universo – The First Party On Mars 24:49
Beach House – Once Twice Melody 40:38
The Oscillation – The Inner Void 45:04
IDLES – Crawl! 51:12
Nothing Works – Jaguar 1:00:44

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