[#422] Panik

Your hosts share music from France including vintage tracks by Metal Urbain and Suicide Romeo along with newer tracks from Slift and Modulator II. Also features some killer punk tunes from Descendents, Neighborhood Brats and Emily Davis and the Murder Police.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak 0:00
Metal Urbain – Panik 2:31
Suicide Romeo – Suicide Romeo 4:44
Modulator II – Slivered Hearse 8:31
Descendents – Nightage 20:46
Emily Davis and the Murder Police – Don’t Make a Promise 23:07
Neighborhood Brats – I Weep For the Future 26:31
Slift – Hyperion 42:47
Part Chimp – Wallow 47:07
The St Pierre Snake Invasion – Not All Who Wander Are Lost 50:24
Three-Layer Cake – Big Burner 58:05

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