[#421] Swirling

McG and Eric Bensel weigh in with scene reports from Wilmington, Delaware and Paris, France while spinning swirling tunes from La Jungle, The Holydrug Couple, and Sun Ra Arkestra. Also features a weird news segment featuring impossibly irresponsible moments.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenter Speak
Kitty Rotten – Tiger Man
Neighborhood Brats – Harvey Weinstein (is a Symptom)
Katie Dill – Might Want to Leave Tonight
Sun Ra Arkestra – Swirling
Emily Davis and the Murder Police – Why Weren’t They Stunned?
Vertical Scratchers – Memory Shards
La Jungle – Feu l’homme
L’Effondras – Aura Phase
The Holydrug Couple – Main Theme
The Who – Sodding About

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