[#409] Tally-Ho!

Signifying nothing but great music, pummeling sounds from France’s Caribou Bâtard and MSS FRNCE kick things off while new tracks by Mogwai and Karkara keep things semi-grounded in McG’s Backroom. The boys discuss the origins of the saying, “Tally Ho!” and discuss weird news of the day including organ harvesting and drinking hand sanitizer. All of this ballyhoo is wrapped in the guise of a delightfully weird and aptly named episode.


McG, Eric Bensel and Andy Duvall – Your Presenters Speak
Caribou Bâtard – Write Shit
MSS FRNCE – Pas la peine
Tombouctou – Headed Body
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – Tally-Ho
Osees – Electric War
I Like Trains – Desire is a Mess
Kraftwerk – Computer World
Mogwai – Dry Fantasy
Karkara – People of Nowhere Land
Ride – R.I.D.E.

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