[#395] American Crisis

While the American Crisis seems to have no end in sight, McG and Bensel stick with what they know best: Music. In this episode, the boys feature brand new tracks from psych rockers Carlton Melton and Hey Colossus, aggressive sounds from Mr. Bungle and Soulside and even a pretty song or two from Mint Mile and Tapeworms.


McG and Bensel – Your Presenters Speak
Carlton Melton – Waylay
Mogwai – Hunted by a Freak (Live)
Mint Mile – Interpretive Overlook
Soulside – This Ship
Bob Mould – American Crisis
We Hate You Please Die – Support Your Local Liars
Hey Colossus, Mark Lanegan – The Mirror
Tropical Fuck Storm – Heaven
Tapeworms – Safety Crash
Mr. Bungle – Raping Your Mind

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