[#394] Power Through

McG powers his way through the pandemic the only way he knows how … with music of course. On this episode, McG shares a block of new wave sounds, some chill pieces from John Coltrane and Roger and Brian Eno and of course, punk rock with Redd Kross and Alice Bag. Power through!


John Coltrane – Stardust
Alice Bag – Stranger
Greg Gaffin – Predicament
Joe Jackson – Beat Crazy
Elvis Costello – Beaten to the Punch
Bad Religion – Chaos From Within
Laughing Hyenas – Wild Heart
Guerrilla Toss – Own Zone
Redd Kross – Standing in Front of Poseur (Demo)
Elliott Smith – Needle in the Hay
Roger Eno and Brian Eno – Cinnabar
Stooges – Down on the Street (Single Mix)

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