[#375] Punk Scene My Home

Home is where the punk is. In this episode, McG and Bensel talk about how punk has inspired them and play music from a number of bands who keep the punk flame brightly lit. Plus an exclusive old-school hardcore mix from McG!


McG and Bensel – Your DJs Speak
Alien Nosejob – I Still Call This Punk Scene My Home
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer
Surfbort – Hot On The Scene
The Chats – The Clap
It It Anita – GOD
Emily Davis and the Murder Police – Bruised Fruit
Die Kreuzen – This Hope
Meat Puppets – In a Car
Beastie Boys – Beastie Boys
Husker Du – Is Today the Day
Deep Wound – I Saw It
Suicidal Tendencies – Memories of Tomorrow
Circle Jerks – Beat Me Senseless
The Middle Class – Out of Vogue
Minor Threat – 12XU
Naked Raygun – New Dreams
X – Delta 8 Nightmare
Dead Kennedys – Religious Vomit
Ruin – Phenomenal Expression
Taiwan Housing Project – What’s It All About (inadvertent ode to the mind of Hellion)
Control Top – Betrayed
Uranium Club – Two Things at Once
La Jungle – Hey Ha Hey Ha

As mentioned in episode:

VIDEO: Hardcore Punk Show at Denny’s in Orange County

VIDEO: The Damned – Nasty (from the Young Ones)

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