[#374] Jam Econo: Short Songs

Jam Econo: An Ode to Short Songs

Your DJs consider why short songs resonate with listeners and sprint through some of their favorite examples, including tracks from the Minutemen, Guided By Voices, Cocaine Piss, Elvis Costello, and many many more.


Room 204 – Smith & Wesson & Smith
Don Vito – Shuffle Yout Feet For Guitar Fish
Fugazi – Greed
Cocaine Piss – Sociopathic Friend
Pious Faults – Longevity
Metz – Pig
Holydrug Couple – Flow
Biche – Film Noir
Le SuperHomard – Back to Meadow Lane
Perilymph – Le Voyage Atomique, Pt. 2
The Damned – Help
The Beatles – Her Majesty (Takes 1 and 2)
Paul McCartney – The Lovely Linda
The Swinging Blue Jeans – Hippy Hippy Shake
Guided By Voices – Gold Star for Robot Boy
Guided By Voices – Game of Pricks
Guided By Voices – To Remake the Young Flyer
Circle Jerks – Red Tape
Circle Jerks – In Your Eyes
Dead Kennedys – Religious Vomit
Dead Kennedys – Moral Majority
Wire – Keep Exhaling
Minutemen – 99
Minutemen – #1 Hit Song
Minutemen – Self-Referenced
Dave Clark Five – I Like it Like That
The Phantom – Love Me
Elvis Costello – Welcome to the Working Week
Meat Puppets – Lake of Fire

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