[#325] Universal time and end of life


Your DJs Eric Bensel and McG spin some records and chew the fat in McG’s Backroom including a discussion of universal time and end of life issues.

White Manna – Pan
Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia
Mark Lanegan Band – Death’s Head Tattoo
Nas – Life’s a Bitch
Amy Winehouse – Like Smoke (featuring Nas)
DJ Shadow – Systematic
Holydrug Couple – Remember Why?
Nueva Costa – Telenovelas
Mega Bog – Fwee
Guided By Voices – Diver Dan
Guided By Voices – Sentimental Wars
Guided By Voices – My Zodiac Companion
Il Sogno del Marinaio – Skinny Cat
Tricot – Tokyo Vampire Hotel
Melt Banana – Red Data, Red Stage
Muffler / Dingo Paisley – I Want to Die a Weird Death
PJ Harvey and John Parish – Black Hearted Love
Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology
Swans – When Will I Return
Féroces – Je Veux Pas Mourir Avant D’être Morte
Mogwai – San Pedro

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