[#432] Anxious

McG and Eric Bensel mull over the things that make them anxious while playing tunes from Irnini Mons, Pinch Points, Guerrilla Toss, The Chats and more. Plus weird news.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak 0:00
Pinch Points – Reasons to be Anxious 3:32
Guerrilla Toss – Wild Fantasy 6:18
Satellites – Disko Arabesque 10:41
The Chats – Struck by Lightning 21:01
Buzzcocks – Senses Out of Control 22:41
Irnini Mons – En solitaire 25:41
Cocaine Piss – Bad Kid 34:19
Cocaine Piss – Cool Party 37:12
It It Anita – Reset 39:32
Dewaere – Taiwan, Ireland and Japan 59:36

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