[#430] My War

McG and Bensel share music from France, United States, England and more with tracks by MSS FRNCE, Carlton Melton, The Soundcarriers as well as Melvins and Mudhoney teaming up for a cover of Black Flag’s My War.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak 0:00
The Soundcarriers – Waves 7:29
PJ Harvey and John Parish – Black Hearted Love 11:09
The Asteroid No. 4 – Set Your Sights 15:31
Melvins and Mudhoney – My War 28:40
Plosivs – Broken Eyes 32:11
Zeke – West Seattle Acid Party 36:36
MSS FRNCE – Lithium 50:58
Karkara – Falling Gods 52:42
Comet Control – Secret Life 56:31
Carlton Melton – Alien Argument 1:02:30

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