[#424] ‘Merican

McG and Eric Bensel celebrate America’s birthday with many things ‘Merican including music by Descendents, Yo La Tengo and Jimi Hendrix. Also features tracks by Genghis Tron, Split Single and Vinnie Corbo.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak
Adrien Moignard – Bright Up
Jimi Hendrix – Villanova Junction Blues
Föllakzoid – Directo al Sol
Descendents – ‘Merican
Genghis Tron – Pyrocene
Split Single – Blood Break Ground
Yo La Tengo – Wasn’t Born to Follow
Vinnie Corbo – Sleeper
Nathan Roche – The Return
Jimi Hendrix – The Star Spangled Banner

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