[#405] In Conversation with SPIT

SPIT stops by the Backroom to discuss his 30+ years of making music, the importance of D.I.Y. in relation to his creative process and how music and family are core anchors during the pandemic. SPIT also dishes on therapy, bad bosses, his fascination with swing and jazz and how he continually challenges himself musically. With a productive recording output under the names SPIT, Vinnie Corbo and the Big City Swing Committee, Vinnie has delivered eight albums in the past two years and has never sounded better.


McG – Your Presenter Speaks
SPIT – Road Pizza
SPIT – Fuck You Kayleigh
Vinnie Corbo – Che Puzza
SPIT – Boss
Vinnie Corbo – Panic Plan
Big City Swing Committee – Basta with the Pasta

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