[#397] Les Deux Stooges

In this episode of McG’s Backroom, your DJs review two short films from the Three Stooges: McG took on a Curly and Bensel scored a Shemp. They pepper the discussion with some killer covers of — who else? — the Stooges.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak
Led Zeppelin – Fool in the Rain (Rough Mix)
The Damned – I Feel Alright
The Sex Pistols – No Fun
Radio Birdman – T.V. Eye
Wylde Ratttz – Fun House
Meat Puppets – I Got A Right
The Stooges – Asthma Attack
Sonic Youth – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Spacemen 3 – Little Doll
Iggy Pop – Some Weird Sin
The Stooges – Loose (Live)

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