[#391] Living in Isolation

During the confinement, McG and Eric keep each other company and stick with the medicine they know the best, music. McG celebrates the reunion era of the Buzzcocks and their anthology, “Sell You Everything: 1991-2014,” while Eric brings some pleasantly noisy songs by White Manna and NYOS to the game.


McG and Eric Bensel – Your Presenters Speak
Buzzcocks – Choices
Buzzcocks – Sick City Sometimes
Buzzcocks – Isolation
White Manna – Zosser
NYOS – Urgence
Wax Chattels – No Ties
Chouk Bwa, The Angstromers – Odjay-Nati Kongo
The Pretenders – Hate for Sale
Cut Worms – Unnatural Disaster
Skinny Girl Diet – White Man

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