[#368] Storming the Bastille

Recorded on Bastille Day 2019, this episode finds your DJs partying like it’s 1789. They celebrate the spirit of rebellion in great music, profiling releases new and old. And of course a French band or two will probably lecture us on the declaration of the rights of man. Features revolutionary tracks from Féroces, Oh Sees, Cerf Boiteux, Iggy Pop, and plenty more.


Féroces – Je te pardonne tout
Bison Bisou – New Grounds (live)
The Jesus Lizard – Thumbscrews
Neil Young – Mr. Soul
Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones
Kate Tempest – Hold Your Own
Iggy Pop – The Villagers
Rollins Band – Do It
Cerf Boiteux – Alternative au Silence 5
John Coltrane – My Favorite Things Pt. 1

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