[#345] Keep it Short



Why drag out to seven minutes what you can say in under three? Your DJs McG and Eric Bensel explore some recent songs that clock in at less than three minutes yet still deliver a strong message, featuring music from Poster Children, Honey Radar, Death and Vanilla and Melvins and vintage tracks from Nick Drake’s mother, Molly Drake, and Cairo’s Hany Mehanna.


Minutemen – Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing
Molly Drake – Dream Your Dreams
Neil Young – Ride My Llama
Paper Dollhouse – Lullaby
Nocturnal Projections – In Darkness
Wire – Fragile (Demo)
Equipe de Foot – Stammering
Neighborhood Brats – Comfort Women
Rosaire – Mimi
Melvins – Embrace the Rub
The Damned – Second Time Around
Komandant Cobra – Fish
Oh Sees – Overthrown
Honey Radar – United Fox
Hany Mehanna – Farha
Poster Children – Better Place
Death and Vanilla – Free Design Kung-Fu

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