[#343] Mid-2018 Favorites



Your DJs have a strong hunger for new music and, in this episode, run through some recent punk and electronic releases by Poster Children, The Messthetics, Zero Boys, Pinkshinyultrablast, La Luz, Brian Eno, Screature and Wooden Shjips. Plus Eric Bensel and McG discuss their bucket lists and the pain of getting through the daily grind.


Thomas Andrew Doyle – Prognati Ignis Ignis
IDLES – Stendhal Syndrome
Protomartyr (feat. Kelley Deal) – Wheel of Fortune
Minami Deutsch – Tangled Yarn
Drenge – This Dance
Pinkshinyultrablast  – Looming
Wooden Shjips – Red Line
Zero Boys – Don’t Shoot, Can’t Breathe
The Messthetics – Once Upon a Time
Poster Children – Brand New Country
La Luz – Floating Features
Brian Eno – Vanadium
Screature – Movements

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