[#342] What Have We Here?

neighborhood brats

(Neighborhood Brats)

What have we here? Well, your DJs share some new sounds from the underground with tracks by Neighborhood Brats and Marbled Eye and go international to listen to music by France’s Société Étrange and England’s Jane Weaver as remixed by Sex Swing, featuring noisemakers made from Part Chimp and Mugstar to name a few. Have a listen to what we have here for you!


Zeke – Working Man
Marbled Eye – Former
Neighborhood Brats – Night Shift
Jane Weaver – The Lightning Back (Sex Swing remix)
Lay Llamas – Silver Sun
Société Étrange – Coke
Christian Fitness – National Insurance
Casual Nun – The Sweet Hereafter
Triptides – Can’t You See
Wire – Outdoor Miner (7” version)
Wire – Map Ref. 41 °N 93° W
Wire – The 15th

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