[#330] Distinctive Singers

David Yow

Every band needs a charismatic frontman. Or, failing that, someone with a voice that can shatter glass or melt steel. Your DJs play tracks from some of popular music’s most distinctive singers.


Tom Waits – God’s Away on Business
The B-52’s – Dance This Mess Around
Pere Ubu – Heart of Darkness
Van Halen – Everybody Wants Some!!
Public Image Ltd. – The Flowers of Romance
Dead Kennedys – Religious Vomit
The Fall – Bombast
The Jesus Lizard – Dancing Naked Ladies
Bad Brains – How Low Can a Punk Get
Melt-Banana – Scratch or Stitch
Beat Happening – Me Untamed
Daniel Johnston – Life in Vain
Joanna Newsom – The Sprout and the Bean

Download [#330] Distinctive Singers (MP3, 140.8 MB)

As discussed: Tom Waits/Cookie Monster mashup – God’s Away On Business

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