[#321] Best live bands


McG and Eric Bensel share songs (some live, some studio) from the best live bands that they’ve seen. Includes music by Future of the Left, Metz, Whores, Elliott Smith, No Trend, KARP, My Bloody Valentine, Blonde Redhead, Suede, Wire, Mission of Burma, Public Image Ltd., Carlton Melton, The Spinto Band, Acid King, George Thorogood, Bad Brains, fIREHOSE and Dinosaur Jr.

fIREHOSE – What Gets Heard (Live)
Dinosaur Jr – The Lung
Bad Brains – Don’t Blow Bubbles
The Hooters – Man in the Street
George Thorogood and the Destroyers – Bottom of the Sea
The Spinto Band – Direct to Helmet
Pneu – Grill Your Eyes
Noyades – Mevlana
Rodan – Before the Train (Peel Session)
Zen Guerrilla – Heart Attack
Carlton Melton – The One That Got Away (Live)
Acid King – Sunshine and Sorrow
Public Image Ltd. – Corporate
Mission of Burma – Here it Comes
Wire – Spent
My Bloody Valentine – Only Tomorrow
Blonde Redhead – 23
Suede – Outsiders
Elliott Smith – Pretty (Ugly Before)
No Trend – Two Seconds ‘Til Non-Existence
Karp – Bacon Industry
Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea
Metz – Wasted
Whores – Baby Bird
King Buzzo: Medley: We Are Doomed; Hooch; Revolve

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