[#318] On the road in Pitman, New Jersey

pitman polaroid

McG and Eric Bensel meet up in Pitman, NJ in Eric’s parents’ basement to discuss and listen to recent spins and new releases by The Peacers, John McBain and White Hills to name a few.

Aimee Mann – You Never Loved Me
Nirvana – You Know You’re Right
Psychic Ills – Baby
The Peacers – Jurgen’s Layout
Blonde Redhead – 3 O’Clock
John McBain – First Earth Battalion
Noveller – Emergence
Camp Cope – Lost (Season One)
La Colonie de Vacances (with Greg Saunier) – Les 26 Sauces de Maître Saucier
Féroces – Victor
Electric Electric – Dassault
Vanishing Twin – Vota Ubu
White Hills – Stop Mute Defeat
Planning for Burial – Somewhere in the Evening
Bullion – Blue Pedro
Kaleidobolt – Off the Cuff
Gnod – Paper Error
Superchunk – I Got Cut
The Who – So Sad About Us

As mentioned on the show:
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Read Michael Phillips on lithiumcreations.com

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