[#313] Wildly Diverse Sounds inspired by John Peel and Henry Rollins

john peel henry rollins

McG presents an eclectic mix of recently released electronic and psychedelia while also revisiting classic electronic and indie rock. It’s an eclectic mix of bands and music, inspired by John Peel’s appetite for wildly diverse sounds, Henry Rollins’ love of music and McG’s own passion for discovering and sharing the music that inspires him.

Trans Am – Rules of Engagement
Lettuce Prey – Loon
Elliott Smith – Figure 8
Mark Lanegan Band – Nocturne
Meat Puppets – Up on the Sun
Mike Watt & the Missingmen – Up to My Neck in This
Alice Coltrane – Rama Guru
Omar Souleyman – Ya Bnayya
Marcos Cabral – Mind of Minolta
Kowton – Comments Off
Vanishing Twin – Telescope
New Order – Thieves Like Us 7” version
Carlton Melton – Smoke Drip (Live)
Moon Duo – Mirror’s Edge
Bardo Pond – Under the Pines
Noyades – Reflects
Wire – Playing Harp for the Fishes
Look Blue Go Purple – Safety in Crosswords
Hector Plimmer – Sunshine
Hey Colossus – Experts Toll
Forest Swords – Panic
The Feelies – Stay the Course
Mugstar – La Vallee
Botany – Burning From the Edges Inward
Glenn Mercer – It’s Only Love
The Clean – Stars
Soundgarden – Bones of Birds
Kraftwerk – The Model (3D Version)
Mogwai – Coolverine
Biosphere & Leslie Howard – Black Mesa
Hüsker Dü – All Work and No Play

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